The revitalisation of Canada Dock continues

Image: View of Canada Dock, showing the new 170m pedestrian boardwalk and new wetland habitat (Buildings A2 , and A1 in the background)

Frequent visitors to the area will have noticed that it has become a hub of activity, as we continue to progress with the ongoing restoration and transformation of the historic dock. 

The plans for Canada Dock include: extensive improvements to wetland habitats, biodiversity, and water quality; a new 170m long pedestrian boardwalk traversing the dock; new seating and steps along the southern edge leading down to the water. We continue to work closely in partnership with the London Wildlife Trust to enhance biodiversity and provide a haven for local wildlife. These improvements include the creation of three distinct wetland habitats, along with seven new islands and more than 1km of shallow edges. 

Canada Dock remains one of the strongest links to the area’s rich maritime history and this is something that is reflected in plans that seek to respect and enhance understanding of this heritage. To enable work to take place, the Deal Porters Sculpture was safely removed and is being stored in a specialist sub-contractor warehouse in Bristol where it is being refurbished. Following the completion of work in the dock, the sculpture will be reinstated in the same position, although at a slightly higher elevation to provide a better view and interaction with the new walkway. 

The boardwalk, designed by renowned architect Asif Khan, has been conceived to encourage the community and visitors to see the wetland habitat up close and experience nature around them – but at a height that won’t disturb the wildlife. We hope that once completed, everyone who lives, works and spends time in the local area can feel part of, and enjoy the dock.

As we enter the next phase of construction in the dock, we wanted to provide an update on what you can expect to see over the coming months.

For a visualisation of how the construction will progress, check out our video at the bottom of the page.

Summer 2023

  • Sheet piling in the dock is ongoing and will continue until early autumn. Sheet piling is a procedure used to install steel piles into the dock, which will create stable foundations for the boardwalk, as well as the tiered steps and seating area in the south of the dock. Sheet piling also helps to improve the ability of the soil in the dock to hold onto water whilst the works are carried out and protect the soil structure until the water levels are raised back to normal levels. 
  • As part of the first phase of landscaping, four trees were delivered to the dock site and have now been planted along the western edge of the dock. 
  • An eco-block / matting will be installed along the western edge of the dock. This will help prevent soil erosion and weed growth and will aid the growth of the reeds.
  • In early August, deliveries of timber and steel to the dock site compound began, as well as earthworks and works to the dock wall on the western edge. This will allow for the construction of the boardwalk and the first phase of planting to the wetland habitats.

Autumn 2023

  • Landscapers will return at the end of September to plant more trees along the Deal Porters Way edge of the dock. 
  • Construction of the boardwalk will begin in earnest

Winter 2023

  • The Deal Porters Sculpture will be reinstated The southern steps will start to take shape 

Spring 2024

  • Construction of the dipping pond 
  • Water levels begin to increase 
  • Construction of the boardwalk will complete 
  • Further landscaping along the southern steps 

Summer 2024

  • Scheduled date for completion

We would like to thank residents and those who spend time in the area for their patience during the construction period.  

For further information on the works, contact us using the following details: 

Or visit our construction activity webpage. 

Video: Visualisation showcasing the phasing plans for the dock's construction - credit: Galldris Group 

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