Our local commitments

Our local commitments

The Canada Water Masterplan is a partnership between British Land, Southwark Council and the local community to create an outstanding new town centre for Southwark and make a positive long-term contribution to local life.

The Masterplan covers 53 acres providing jobs, homes, offices, public spaces and facilities, and responds to the Greater London Authority and Southwark Council’s policy aspirations to deliver new homes and jobs at Canada Water.

We are committed to making sure that all those who live and work locally, both now and in the future, can benefit from the development and the opportunities it will create. Since 2014 more than 5,000 people have been involved in the community consultation which has directly informed the plans, and our key areas of commitment (scroll down for more detail):

  • Affordable homes for local people
  • Local transport investment for current and future users
  • Facilities for local people
  • Support for a thriving community and economy
  • Sustainable now and in the future

Find out about the commitments that we, British Land, will make in delivering the Masterplan below. To view the full document that was produced in September 2019, please click here. More information can also be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Headline Commitments

Most of the facts and figures are based on what is called the “Illustrative Masterplan”. Illustrative because, as with any long-term large-scale project, there has to be some flexibility, as no one knows exactly what will happen over the next 15 years. In some cases we refer to the maximum we can deliver, for example office space, where the Illustrative Masterplan is 278,000 sq m, and the largest amount we could deliver is 320,000 sq m.

Below we have summarised the commitments British Land will make in delivering the Canada Water Masterplan. These are secured in the planning permission and will be provided throughout the lifetime of the project.

Affordable Homes for Local People

The Illustrative Masterplan could deliver around 3,000 new homes, helping to meet Southwark’s housing needs. We also recognise that there is an ageing population and a growing need for homes for older people. We are investigating the opportunity to build homes that are specifically designed for people at different life stages and specialist care.

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Local Transport Investment for current and future uses

We know that local people already experience busy services during peak times and we have spent the past three years working with Transport for London (TfL) and Southwark Council to develop a package of improvements that addresses the effects of the Masterplan. We will be contributing over £33million towards transport improvements to increase capacity and frequency, make journeys quicker, and provide a greater range of choices for those living or working in Canada Water and the wider Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks area.

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Support for a Thriving Community and Economy

The Masterplan will create a new town centre at the heart of a thriving local economy and community; and we’re working with partners to provide over three times the amount of retail, leisure, entertainment and community space currently at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre. It will bring employment and career opportunities for people of all ages and across a range of employment areas and skill levels. Our focus will be on supporting people from the local area to access these opportunities. We will also support existing local businesses to benefit from the Masterplan.

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Facilities for Local People

We see the Canada Water Masterplan becoming a ‘hub’ for local services and we know it is key to ensure that existing and new facilities meet needs as they increase. We have been working with the NHS, education authority and the Metropolitan Police to understand how we can put the infrastructure, buildings and/or funds in place and support them to deliver the services required. This also sits alongside extensive additional public activities and facilities that will be provided for all age groups.

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Canada Water – sustainable now and in the future

We are committed to a strategy at Canada Water that minimises the carbon dioxide emissions both now and in the future. We recognise our responsibility to manage environmental impacts but also in limiting energy costs for residents, enhancing wellbeing and helping to improve local air quality. We will introduce a wealth of new plant life, green open spaces and ‘green buildings’, increasing biodiversity in the area, as well as respecting and enhancing the unique ecology of Canada Dock and the heritage of the area.

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Our Ongoing Commitments

As long term owners at Canada Water we are committed to ensuring that our work and presence benefits the existing and future community. So far we’ve focused our support on education, enterprise and community projects laying the foundations for local people to benefit from the opportunities that will be created through the Masterplan, from careers in construction or with future office tenants, to business opportunities or helping people to lead more active lifestyles. To do this, we’ve worked with some fantastic partners including local charities and community groups and supported a range of events.

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