This is the future of sustainable development

Canada Water will be the UK’s most truly sustainable large scale regeneration project.

One that will create a thriving, net zero place for generations to come. One that’s fully and positively integrated into the wider
Canada Water area. And one that will set new standards for what’s possible in urban living, working and regeneration.

Bolder innovations

Earth-friendly concrete. Fully electric. Heat-sharing between offices and homes. And hundreds of other innovations. By staying at the forefront of what’s possible with new materials, approaches and technologies, we’re able to re-think industry assumptions, and bring together the right solutions in the right place at the right time – from underlying design principles to day-to-day processes.

Deeper connections

By bringing together the best designers, contractors and suppliers, and the widest range of experts and partners from across the wider Canada Water community, we’re better able to understand what’s possible, forge more effective partnerships, and support and challenge each other to make sure the development is sustainable and successful for everyone.

Higher standards

We work only to the highest standards, targets and benchmarks – from British Land’s own commitments to be Net Zero by 2030, to industry standards including BREEAM, HQM and NABERS. And we use these certifications not just as one-off targets, but as measures to ensure the ongoing performance of offices and homes in the future.