What is happening to the trees on site?


The Masterplan will provide extensive planting of trees across a variety species, providing different seasonal colours and interest on and around the site. However, some short-term changes will need to be made to enable the Masterplan to be delivered.

Guaranteed through a s.106 legal agreement with Southwark Council we will plant around 1,200 trees on and around the Canada Water Masterplan site by 2038. This includes over 500 medium-to-large sized trees that will be planted off-site around the local area, and we would welcome any suggestions about where these might be planted by emailing team@canadawatermasterplan.comA review will be undertaken every four years to track the tree canopy cover against the 2038 target set out in the Masterplan Planning Permission.

Of the existing trees on site, a number are protected in a ‘Tree Retention Plan’ (contained within Annex 25). While we have sought to maintain other existing trees wherever possible, some will need to be removed due to their condition, or to allow development. Any existing trees removed are not considered ‘high quality’, as reported in the Arboricultural Impact Assessment submitted as part of the Masterplan planning application.

We will, however, only remove trees where this is necessary and will communicate this fully with neighbours on an ongoing basis. The loss of any trees will be temporary, as additional planting will be undertaken in 2020, and by 2023 the full landscaping works for Phase 1 of the Canada Water Masterplan are expected to be completed.

We are working with a range of expert consultants to ensure that in the long term the Masterplan creates new landscaped spaces, habitats and enhances local biodiversity. Overall, the completed Masterplan will see a significant net gain in the site’s biodiversity and ecological offer.