Construction activity

Planning permission for the Canada Water Masterplan was granted in May 2020, and the construction programme for the entire site will take approximately 10 years. At times construction activity will impact the local community and we’re committed to keeping you updated and managing construction so that disruption in the local area is minimised.

Information on current and upcoming works, including Plots A1, A2 and K1, can be found in our latest newsletter. Please read down for more information on the construction programme and updates, as well as how to get in touch with us.

Plots A1 and A2, Surrey Quays Shopping Centre car park and surrounding area

Construction of Plots A1 and A2 is now underway. Plot A1, which will provide a new 35-storey building including shops and restaurants, workspace and 186 homes, including some intermediate affordable homes, is expected to be complete in autumn 2024.

Plot A2, will provide a five and six storey building which includes a Leisure Centre for Southwark Council, town centre shops, food outlets and offices, is expected to be complete in late summer 2024.

Mace, the contractor building Plot A2, are currently carrying out piling works which are due to finish in March 2022. The piling work generates some noise and vibration as it involves drilling into the ground to create a stable foundation. All work is carried out in accordance with industry standards and the levels set by Southwark Council’s environment team. Mace have produced a helpful note which provides more detail on how we monitor and record site impact and the limits we work within on Plot A2.

The first phase of bulk excavation for the basement of the building has now begun, and temporary propping to support the building structure is underway. This phase of the work will see increased construction traffic on site and along the haul road. The arrival and departure of vehicles will be overseen by traffic marshals. 

Tower crane bases will also be established before the first of three tower cranes is installed in March 2022.

Permanent site accommodation has been installed and is expected to be occupied from early February. Mace’s temporary site offices will then be dismantled and removed from Surrey Quays Shopping Centre car park. 

Wates, the contractor building Plot A1, have now moved into their site offices which are located where the former Rotherhithe Police station used to be. Work is continuing on site with CFA piling and obstruction removal which is due to finish in March 2022. 

CFA piling is a method that will minimise noise and vibration. Although CFA piling will not cause any further disruption to local residents, the obstruction removal can generate noise, depending on the ground conditions. As always, the works will be carried out within the parameters set out by Southwark Council, but as a further mitigation measure, Wates will increase their environmental monitoring in sensitive areas to help minimise disruption where possible.

Completion of landscaping works on Canada Dock footpath

The bench has now been installed alongside the western edge of Canada Dock on Deal Porters Way and resin bound surfacing is now complete. The fencing and barriers surrounding the area will be removed in the week of 24th January.  

Final landscaping works is expected to be carried out between the road and the benches during the week of 24th  January. The footpath alongside the Dock edge will remain open throughout. Temporary traffic management measures are also in place in the form of stop/go boards on Deal Porters Way to ensure a safe working area. 

Plot K1 (Roberts Close)

Work is ongoing to prepare the site for piling works which are expected to begin during the week of 24th January and take around 8 weeks to complete. The piling rig required to carry out the works is due to be delivered to the site on Wednesday 26th January during the afternoon. 

Piling generates some noise and vibration as it involves drilling into the ground to create a stable foundation. We’re using best practice methods and machinery to limit disruption as far as possible.  

Plot K1 is a modern residential building providing 79 affordable homes on Roberts Close. It is expected to take around two years to build. Foundations/substructure works for the building will begin towards the end of February and the tower crane needed for the build will be put in place (in the centre of the site) towards the end of March 2022.

Heavy Goods Vehicles access the site from Quebec Way via Redriff Road and smaller vehicles are permitted to use Canada Street. Traffic will be safely coordinated by our traffic marshalls with the safety of neighbouring residents and school children paramount.  Roberts Close will stay open as a pedestrian route from Quebec Way to Russia Walk and Russia Dock Woodland throughout construction. 

Rear of Printworks site by Quebec Way

Contractor Galldris is progressing well with work to build a basement for a new below-ground electrical substation for UKPN located at the rear of the Printworks site.  

Bulk earthworks are expected to begin in late February and take approximately 8 weeks to complete. This involves excavating and removing material from the site which means there will be an increase in noise generated and construction traffic during this period of works. Traffic marshals will be in place to direct the flow of construction vehicles to reduce any impact on the travelling public. All heavy vehicles will access the site from Quebec Way (east) to avoid impacting Alfred Salter Primary School.

The build is expected to complete in Winter 2022/23 and reach full operation by 2025. Once operational, the substation will meet the future electrical needs of the Masterplan, the wider local area, and reinforce electricity supply in other parts of the borough.

Site investigation works -  Slit trench excavating 

Throughout January and February, contractor Galldris will be carrying out site investigation works in Surrey Quays Road, Redriff Road and within Brunswick Quay. The works will involve excavating a number of narrow trenches (known as slit trenches) within the road / footpath of Surrey Quays Road, Redriff Road and within Brunswick Quay. The works will determine the position of existing underground services such as drainage, water mains and gas pipelines which will help inform the design and drainage for the central part of the Canada Water development (known as Plots F and G). The works will be carried out in four phases, with the last phase expected to complete by the end of February 2022.

Phase 2 began on Wednesday 19th January 2022 and will be carried out in two separate areas. Phase 2a slit trenches are located along Surrey Quays Road, behind Pizza Hut and Odeon. Phase 2b slit trenches are located along Redriff Road (see image below).     All Phase 2 works are expected to complete on Friday 28th January.    

Phase 3 is due to begin on Friday 28th January and expected to complete on Friday 4th February. The Phase 3 slit trenches are located along Redriff Road (see image below).  

We will update this webpage with more information on Phase 4 as we approach it as programmed dates are subject to change and dependent on the findings during the works. 

Temporary traffic management and minor footpath diversions will be required for the safety of the travelling public and workforce whilst the work takes place. Within Brunswick Quay, there may also be the need for occasional short-term loss of driveway access in order to carry out the works. 

These works are being carried out as agreed with Southwark Council. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Zone F (located across a portion of Surrey Quays Leisure Park and the carpark by Printworks) 

Since November 2021, we have been carrying out gas monitoring works across the Zone F site to assess any gas or vapour risks in the ground. This has involved installing monitoring devices in various existing boreholes at the site which have enabled the monitoring to be carried out automatically. The equipment is due to be removed toward the end of January 2022. Due to the location and limited construction work required, we expect that these works will have minimal impact. 

Current Canada Water Masterplan construction works

The below plan provides more information about each work site location.


Minimising disruption during the construction process

We’re committed to managing the impact of construction works so that disruption to the local area is minimised.

Before construction work begins, a Construction Management Plan for the work site is agreed with Southwark Council. The plan outlines how our construction works will take place as well as what mitigations will be put in place to minimise the impact on the local community during the works. This includes site operating hours, noise and vibration mitigation measures, and traffic measurement. To download the Masterplan Framework Construction Management Plan please click here.

We also require all our contractors to be signed up to the Considerate Constructors Scheme, which is a not for profit independent organisation founded to raise standards in the construction industry. All constructors signed up to the scheme must make every effort to ensure their site teams care about the appearance of the site, respect the local community, protect the environment, secure everyone’s safety, and value their workforce.

Throughout the construction process we will also ensure that the local community has access to the latest information on the key works taking place across the Masterplan through regular meetings and updates, so that you can easily get in touch with the team with any questions or to raise any issues relating to the construction works.

Dedicated Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager

British Land has appointed a dedicated Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager to honour our commitment to minimise disruption for local residents, businesses and people who work and visit the area.

The Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager is working with all contractors on site, ensuring that neighbours are kept regularly updated and will respond promptly to any issues or questions that arise. If you have any questions about these works or would like to speak with the Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager, please get in touch with us.

Keeping you updated

Since July 2021 we have held Construction Liaison Forums for near neighbours of Plots A1, A2 and K1. Click the following links to watch the recordings:

October 2021

Canada Water development Construction Liaison Forum – Plots A1 & A2 and surrounding area

July 2021

Canada Water development Construction Liaison Forum – Plot K1 and surrounding area

Canada Water development Construction Liaison Forum – Plots A1 & A2 and surrounding area

Wates, who are building Plot A1, Mace, who are building Plot A2, and McAleer & Rushe, who are building Plot K1 also held their first construction drop-in sessions in November 2021 to provide an opportunity to speak with those who want further detail and have questions. Details for future events will be available on this webpage, once organised. 

In addition to the above events, we also send regular updates as construction progresses via our e-newsletters, web updates, social media posts and site signage.

Neighbours living near locations where construction activity is taking place will receive regular newsletters and have regular opportunities to speak with the Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager and relevant contractor.

As part of our commitment to provide local employment opportunities during the construction period, there will be a number of roles from our contractors available to apply for. More information on the latest roles available and how to register your interest can be found on our Jobs and Training Opportunities page here.

Working hours

The machinery which has been used to carry out the piling works at the rear of the Printworks site is expected to be removed following completion of the works during the week of 17th January. The collection of the piling rig is expected to take place on Wednesday 19th January 2022, between 5pm and 7pm. The collection of the crawler crane is expected to take place on Thursday 20th January 2022, between 5pm and 7pm. 

We are very aware that due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are at home during the day when construction work generally takes place. Standard construction working hours as permitted by Southwark Council are:

  • Monday – Friday 8am-6pm

  • Saturday – 8am-2pm (no noisy works before 9am)

Our contractors are using every measure possible to reduce noise impact from their sites and continue to use noise monitoring equipment to continuously monitor noise levels to ensure they are at an acceptable level, as permitted by Southwark Council. When necessary, excessively noisy works take place on a 2 hour on/off basis to minimise disruption. This generally relates to demolition works. However, this does not mean that there are 2-hour periods of inactivity in between.

In the event that working hours change, or as and when overnight works are required, we will update this web page.

If you would like to speak with the Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager, please contact or call 0800 470 4593 (freephone).